There’s so much change and unrest in the world, sometimes it’s important to distance ourselves from all the negativity and focus on feeling good about ourselves. Don’t feel guilty about needing a timeout, as the way we project ourselves can positively affect all those we meet and interact with.

In CosBeauty Magazine #75 we take a look at the fundamentals of beauty, starting with our feature on Beautifully Confident on p24. In this article, we examine the link between internal and external beauty and the correlation between cosmetic enhancement and inner confidence. Being attractive might make you happy, but being happy means you are inherently more attractive.

We also share the basics of good skin and take you back to beauty school on p28 with our curated list of all-time skincare ingredient superstars, proven to improve the function and appearance of your skin.

This issue is supersized with the latest and greatest beauty products, inspired by the avant garde looks of the 2017 Awards Season – turn to p16 to replicate the three hottest looks from the red carpet. You’ll also not want to miss our foolproof cheat sheet to choosing the right foundation for your skin type on p66 and our top-to-toe guide to creating a DIY spa at home on p106.

Interested in cosmetic enhancement? From fillers to facials, we bring you the tried, tested and trusted non-surgical procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best all-year round (p50). There’s also an interesting article on the rise and rise of appearance-enhancing treatments for men on p96. You may be surprised at just how many Aussie blokes are going under the knife!

It’s inarguable that we live in a world where outer beauty is prized and praised – but beauty is not just skin deep. With the right attitude, beauty builds confidence and confidence amplifies beauty. It’s simply a question of appreciating yourself and letting your own positive self-image shine through.

Michelle Kearney

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