Well, it’s hard to believe the year has sped past and we are already making plans for 2017. It’s been a busy 12 months and, on reflection, the markers this year in the aesthetic industry include an increase in the popularity of non-surgical body contouring devices, vaginal rejuvenation, stem cell treatments and fat grafting. Plus, in Australia, the new industry guidelines brought changes to cooling-off periods, post-operative care and people under 18 seeking surgeries.

In this issue of Aesthetic Medical Practitioner we go further back in time, and when reading the Ugly History of Cosmetic Surgery on page 28, we can only marvel at how far the industry has progressed in the past century with regards to patient safety and evidence-based medicine. The way the field is promoted has also changed, and the advent of the internet has been a game changer. In this issue we have a number of articles on SEO and marketing to keep you abreast of changes and best practice. On the other side of the coin, the internet also introduces new problems, and on page 50 we report on the risks associated with public Wi-Fi and patient records, of which many of us would not be aware.

As usual, we report on what’s new in the industry, showcasing the latest advancements in products, services and devices (from p60). We also pay homage to the Tate’s most iconic nudes of the past two centuries, which have come to Sydney this summer as part of the Sydney International Art Series 2016-2017. Exploring this theme further, the duality of cosmetic surgery is eloquently examined on page 70, asking the age- old question – is it science or art?

With the year drawing to a close, it’s almost time to put our feet up and slip into relaxation mode. With our article on the benefits of golf in lowering stress levels and decreasing the incidence of depression (p126), there’s no excuse for us to put off our next day on the green – or in the clubhouse!

Happy holidays to all and here’s to a healthy and fulfilling New Year!

Michelle Kearney
Editor in Chief